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Interview With a Baha’i Sentenced to Death

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Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch By: Morteza Esmailpour                                                                                                   3/18/2015   In an interview with Peace Activists in Exile Campaign (PAEC), Behnam Roghani, a Baha’i citizen who was previously sentenced...

Another Bahai Home Raided in Shiraz

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Source: Translation by Sen’s daily  On the morning of March 16, intelligence agents in the city of Shiraz raided the home of Mr. Karamat Amiri, a 62-year old Bahai. This...

Ongoing Inspection of Baha’i Homes in Shiraz

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Date: March 13, 2015 Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch HRANA News Agency – As part of continuing inspections of Baha’i citizens’ homes in Shiraz, Arash Kayedi’s home was inspected...