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Two Years Added to Baha’i Citizen’s Sentence

Baghi-274x191 (1) 1

Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch According to reports from the “No Mistreatment And Imprisonment Of Fellow Baha’is Residents” Campaign,  Fariborz Baghi, Baha’i citizen of Yazd, who was transferred to...

Baha’i Painter and Art Scholar Arrested

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Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch Based on reports from “No to the harassment and imprisonment of Baha’i citizens”, Baha’i artist and painter Shahriar Cyrus (1) was arrested on...

Fresh Attacks on Baha’i Businesses

The Bahai International Community Representative at the UN in Geneva, Diane Ala'i 1

Source: Tuesday 23 June 2015 OstanWire Iranian authorities have launched a renewed attack on Iran’s Baha’i  community, targeting Baha’i-run shops and small businesses. In a bid to prevent the religious minority...