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Rest in Peace: Iran Destroys Baha’i Cemetery

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Source: by Elham Mahdavy November 20, 2014   “Foul, unclean, and rootless sect.” These are the words used by the commander of the government’s Revolutionary Guard in Shiraz, Iran to justify the destruction of...

Death of Dignity in Iran


Source: huffingtonpost by Marjan Keypour Greenblatt Co-Founder, Alliance for Rights of All Minorities (ARAM) Posted: 11/17/2014  Is there a greater catastrophe than the loss of a child? If you are Baha’i...

Amir Maboudi Begins 6-Month Sentence in Urumiyyeh

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Source: Mr. Amir Maboudi began serving a 6-month prison sentence in Urumiyyeh in Iran’s Azerbaijan province, on October 9. He was charged with “propaganda against the regime in the form...