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Names and titles often seen on Iran Press Watch: Afif Naemi – One of the seven former Yaran.  An industrialist who was unable to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor, because as a Baha’i&hellip

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A Disturbing Month


Iran’s New Year commenced on March 21, and it is off to a disturbing start for the Baha’is of that land.  During this month, considerable hardships, harassment and violations of human and civil rights were&hellip

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Current Baha’i Prisoners in Iran


Periodically, Iran Press Watch publishes a list of Baha’i prisoners in Iran who remain incarcerated because of their religious belief.  At the present time, there are 49 Baha’i prisoners throughout Iran.  The Date of incarceration&hellip

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BWNS on Baha'is letter to Najafabadi


NEW YORK, 6 March (BWNS) – The Baha’i International Community has issued an open letter to Iran’s prosecutor general outlining the tragic history of the persecution of Baha’is in that country, explaining their innocence in&hellip

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