Journalist Challenges Qom Ayatollah About Persecution of Baha’is

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By Masih Alinejad

In this interview that Masih Alinejad has conducted with Ayatollah Alidoost, she directed him a question about the possibility of the expulsion of Muslim-Americans from the US after the presidency of Trump. The Ayatollah responded by telling Masih that he personally thought that such an action on the side of Trump was unlikely to take place. Speaking of action, Masih directed him a question about the places where such “actions” are concretely taking place against the believers of certain religions. That place in question is Iran and the believers that we are referring to are Baha’is. So, she asked the ayatollah why believers of the Baha’i faith in Iran were being deprived of an education and why they were being forced to leave the country to lead a decent life. Of course, Ayatollah Alidoost, visibly quite frustrated by this question, responded by saying “Well, this is your opinion” and hung up the phone…



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