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One of those detained, Azita Rezvanikhah, had recently contracted coronavirus and was in quarantine at her home

Crackdown on Baha’is in Baharestan

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Source: As Iran entered a new year, Iranian authorities intensified their crackdown on the nation’s Baha’i people. Iranian citizens continue to face mounting problems, including economic crisis, political turmoil that is likely to increase as the presidential election&hellip

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The routine difficulties that Baha’is have faced over the past 40 years in burying their loved ones has increased in recent years.

Baha’is in Iran have Nowhere to Bury Their Dead

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Source: Kian Sabeti Baha’is in Iran have faced many forms of systematic discrimination and harassment over the past four decades, including deportation, educational restrictions, detention, harassment, torture, imprisonment and even execution. The burial of Baha’i&hellip

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