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Two Historical Documents


Editor’s Note:  In our continual effort to document the mistreatment of the Baha’is of Iran and the regime’s role in bringing about systematic discrimination against the Baha’is, two official documents by Iranian authorities relating to&hellip

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Justice, not Shame!


Editor’s Note:  Dr. Naficy is a well-known Iranian poet, writer, and human rights and political activist.  In April of this year, he wrote a brilliant essay, which Iran Press Watch was pleased to share extracts&hellip

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Imprisoned In Iran For Religious Belief

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In a report released this month, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, a bipartisan governmental body, described a deteriorating situation regarding religious freedom in Iran — particularly for Baha’is, Evangelical Christians, and Sufi Muslims.&hellip

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Religious Freedom in Iran Worsened

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Editor’s Note:  The following report was posted on WashingtonTV on May 1, 2009, at http://televisionwashington.com/floater_article1.aspx?lang=en&t=floater_censoredculture&id=10138: Religious freedom conditions in Iran have “worsened” during the past year, Dr. Richard Land, a commissioner with the United States&hellip

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In Iran, 'crackdown' on Christians worsens

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Editor’s Note: Reports are emerging from Iran of heightened persecution of Christians. For decades, the largely Armenian Christian community has suffered a fate similiar to that of the Baha’is. Monitoring, arrests, torture, closure of religious&hellip

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Persecution of Christians in Iran


Editor’s Note: The Baha’i case is an outstanding example of the moral and intellectual corruption of the Iranian Islamic government. Readers should, however, be made aware that other groups such as women, Kurds, and Christians&hellip

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