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What is There to Celebrate?


By Shahrzad Arshadi Editor’s Note: Iran Press Watch is pleased to publish the following learned essay by one of its readers, Shahrzad Arshadi.  This eloquent and informative essay was first disseminated on 11 February 2009…

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Iran: Using terror internally and abroad

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Editor’s note: The following article was written by Wahied Wahdat-Hagh and is reposted here due to its importance for our readers’ information. A german translation can be found at http://europeandemocracy.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13322&catid=4&Itemid=22 On 14 January Iranian secret…

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'Ashura Ceremonies and the Baha’is


By Akhtar Arjmandi Translated by Omid Ghaemmaghami [Translator’s Note: Akhtar Arjmandi maintains a blog dedicated to the defense of Iran’s Baha’i Community where she refutes attacks made against Baha’is in the Iranian press and in…

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