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Rehumanizing the Dehumanized


Editor’s Note: Today, Kayhan London, a most influential Persian-language newspaper outside Iran, published the following article. You can read the original Persian on Kayhan’s website. By Koroush Agah-Kesheh The detention for more than a year…

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Two Historical Documents


Editor’s Note:  In our continual effort to document the mistreatment of the Baha’is of Iran and the regime’s role in bringing about systematic discrimination against the Baha’is, two official documents by Iranian authorities relating to…

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Religious Cleansing in Iran

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“Every aspect of a non-Muslim is unclean,” proclaimed Iran’s late Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini. He explained that non-Muslims rank between “feces” and “the sweat of a camel that has consumed impure food.” Other prominent ayatollahs, including…

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Justice, not Shame!


Editor’s Note:  Dr. Naficy is a well-known Iranian poet, writer, and human rights and political activist.  In April of this year, he wrote a brilliant essay, which Iran Press Watch was pleased to share extracts…

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Today is Baha'i Rights Day

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The Baha’is in Iran and Egypt face ongoing persecution in form of human rights abuses and denial of basic civil rights.  Their homes are raided and burned, their businesses closed, their children and youth denied…

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