Special Conditions for Allowing Bahai Burials in Semnan

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Translation by Sen’s Daily at http://wp.me/pNMoJ-25h
The recent burial of a Bahai in Semnan, in the section of the cemetery reserved for Baha’is, has revealed that new rules have been drawn up. The family of the deceased was required to sign a commitment to follow six rules. These stipulate that the Bahai gravestones may only show a name and the dates of birth and death, that the Bahais may not beautify the area around the graves with plants or build a wall around the Bahai cemetery, or erect new buildings around the facility where bodies are washed, that they may not have any words or images on the graves or in the cemetery, and that the Bahai gravestones must be level with the ground, without any raised portions.



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  1. Vafa-canada

    September 4, 2014 5:57 pm

    These rules are set so that at anytime, the government can come and easily desecrate the cemetery with bulldozers. Compare these biased rules to any other Muslim cemetery around the world and Iran.


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