Saqi Fedai Rearrested in Mashhad

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Source: HRANA,

Translation by Sen’s Daily at


Saqi Feda’i, a Bahai from Mashhad, has been summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence and arrested. She was first arrested by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence on July 8 this year, following a raid on a Bahai religious meeting in her home on June 1. She was released on bail about one month later (her release has not previously been reported on Sen’s Daily, and the date and amount of bail are not stated in the HRANA report). Her mother, Mey Khalusi, was arrested during the raid on June 1, as were two other Bahais from Mashhad, Dari Amri and Shayan Tafazoli. These three were transferred from the Ministry of Intelligence facilities in Mashhad to Vakilabad prison on August 2. They have now been held for three months without trial or charge.



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