Bahai Home Raided in Shiraz

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On September 9, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence broke into the home of Wahideh Dana in Shiraz, searched it for about an hour, and confiscated religious books, images and CDs. Ms. Dana refused to open the door, but after the agents had forced their way in, they showed a search warrant. It is worth mentioning that over the last one month and half the pressure on the Baha’i community of Shiraz has increased. The pressure on the Baha’i community of Shiraz has increased over the  past six weeks. In addition to the destruction of a Bahai cemetery in Shiraz, six Baha’is (Bahiyyeh Manavipour, Adib Haghpazhouh, Shahram  Mansour, Saeed Abedi, and Vahid Dana) have been arrested in Shiraz, and the homes of six others have been raided and searched.


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