Dervishes Were Beaten, Humiliated and Injured by Security Forces

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Sunday, Sep 21 201
In the second day of protest gathering by Gonabadi Dervishes in front of the prosecutor office today on Sunday 21 september at 9 a.m security forces and police are trying to create a tense atmosphere, in addition to arrest of 800 Dervishes yesterday.After the protest gathering was announced by the Dervishes, on Sundaymorning, security forces closed down the street, as well as the exits of Tehran’s Bazaar metro, in an effort to prevent the formation of this gathering. They are preventing protesters from standing and even sitting in front of the Prosecutor’s Office.
Dervishes, a few hours after becoming surrounded by police in Behesht Street, were attacked by security forces.
Police forces that have been deployed on Behesht street reportedly have used tear-gas against the Dervishes who are being enclosed with the fences that was installed by special police units and also severly beat Dervishes with batons.
Reportedly, detained Dervishes in police stations are being insulted, humiliated and beaten by security forces.
Currently, a 6-month-old baby has trouble breathing due to the effect of tear gas.
3 Dervishes suffer multiple fractures of their head and there are more than 50 injured.
As security forces tighten ring around Dervishes, they scream: “La Fatah Ila Ali La Saif Ila Zulfiqar”. Means: “there is no hero except Ali(AS) and no sword greater than Zulfiqar”). 

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