Amir Maboudi Begins 6-Month Sentence in Urumiyyeh

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Mr. Amir Maboudi began serving a 6-month prison sentence in Urumiyyeh in Iran’s Azerbaijan province, on October 9. He was charged with “propaganda against the regime in the form of propagating the Baha’i Faith”. Instead of summoning him to the prison to begin his sentence, the authorities informed the guarantor of his bail that he must go to prison. Mr. Maboudi and six other Baha’is were sentenced in July this year, to terms ranging from six months to three years. Mr. Fardin Aza’i (Aghsani) and Mrs. Farahnaz Moqadam and Ms. Gisou Sheikh-Hasan-Abadi were sentenced to three years in prison, and Rashin Misaghi, Neda Forsatipour, and Soheila Aghdasi were sentenced to six months in prison.


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