Expulsion of a Baha’i Student after Studying for a Semester

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Source: hra-news.org/fa/religious-minorities/b-420

Translation by Iran Press Watch

January 11, 2015

HRANA News Agency


Noora Mossama, a student majoring in Computer Software Engineering at the State University of Mazandaran, was dismissed at the end of her first semester.

According to the findings of reporters of the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), a news organization covering all human rights activities in Iran, Noora Mossama, a Computer Software Engineering student at the State University of Mazandaran, was denied access to attend her final exam at the end of her first semester.

An informed source in this case told the HRANA reporter: “Noora Mossama, despite filling the Religious Affiliation column honestly, was nevertheless admitted; however, after studying for a semester she was labeled an ‘unqualified student’ when she tried to obtain her online exam-entrance card to take her final test at the end of the semester.”  He added: “As a result, she was denied access to the exam site. After many follow-ups with the Admission Office and the Office of the Dean of the University, it became apparent that she had not been given clearance by the Office of Protection and Security of the University.”

It is worth mentioning that every year many Baha’i citizens are denied education due to their religious beliefs.


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