Baha’i Misagh Mohebpour Expelled from University

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Misagh Mohebpour

Unlike many Baha’i youth, who were prevented from continuing their education during 2011, Mr. Misagh Mohebpour, a Baha’i youth, was among the few Baha’is who had been able to successfully secure his admission into the Eram Institute of Higher Learning. After completing his undergraduate degree, he was again able to continue his post graduate studies at Pardis University in Hormozgan.

On 15 Sept 2011, his study website, as with many other Baha’i youth who had such websites, was blocked; as a result he was not permitted to submit his final thesis for graduation.

Eventually he was called to the “protection” office of the university, and was verbally told that the action had been taken due to his belief in the Baha’i Faith.

After contacting many officials, their responses were a collection of overwhelming verbal abuse and insults.

University authorities also refused to give him any written explanation.


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