Azam Motahari, Mother of a Bahai Prisoner, Summoned to Prison

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Translation by Sen’s daily 


Mrs. Azam Motahari has been summoned by telephone to begin serving a one-year sentence in the central prison of Yazd. The guarantor of her  bail was also informed by telephone that he should bring Mrs. Motahari to prison to begin her sentence. However neither call specified a date on which she should report to prison. Mrs. Motahari is one of 20 Bahai’s who were arrested in central Iran in August 2012. They were charged with propaganda against the regime and participation in Bahai community activities. These Baha’is are from Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman and are Arak. Thus far, seven of the 20  have been summoned to prison, four of whom are now imprisoned. The  four imprisoned Baha’is are Shahram Falhah, Navid Haghighi, Farah  Baghi, and Fariba Ashtari. Mrs. Motahari is the mother of Shamim Ettehadi, a Baha’i from Yazd who has been incarcerated for over two years.




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