Three Baha’is Tried in Gorgan

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Translation by Sen’s daily 


Hana Aghighian, a Bahai from Gorgan, and Bita Hedayati and Hana Kushkebaghi, from Gonbad-e Kavus, were tried in Gorgan on April 25. Mrs Kushkebaghi was not present, as she had not seen the summons. They were among the Baha’is arrested in widespread raids in the towns of Gorgan, Gonbad-e Kavus and Minoodasht in October 2012. They were released on bail after their arrests. The trials of these Baha’is, in groups of three or four, began in February 2015. The charges against them, named in the summons, include participation in an illegal organization harmful to security, the propagation and development of the Baha’i Faith through Ruhi groups, propaganda for the Bahai Faith and against the Islamic Republic through active participation in Ruhi groups, and cooperation with hostile governments.


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