Foreign Students Study in Iran Universities While Iranian Baha’is Are Not Allowed!

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Monday, June 8, 2015

by Hamed Sabouri






Joyful news has been broadcast by the news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Mohammad Haj Jabbari, Director General of Foreign Student Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education, stated that more than 21,500 foreign students from 70 Asian, European and North American countries, such as Lebanon, India, Great Britain, Turkey, Hungary, China, Germany, Poland, the United States, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, are studying at Iranian universities. The flow of foreign students has doubled during the last year and is still growing. Another official has stated: “Participation of foreign students in all fields has been remarkable, and it includes students in many majors, including the social sciences, technical studies, engineering, basic sciences, medicine, etc.” (1)

This is cause for joy, as Iranians – including the children of Shi’ite officials connected to the Islamic Republic of Iran – have travelled and still travel to foreign countries for higher education; foreigners from different lands, nationalities, religions and cultures also come to our beloved country for higher education. The more these scientific and cultural relationships are developed in the world, the closer will the world of humanity come to understanding, peaceful coexistence and eventually the unity of the human race.

This having been said, the sad truth that undermines this process and makes it look ugly is that foreign students are taking advantage of education in Iranian universities, even as Iranian Baha’is and other Iranian dissidents are deprived of education in those same universities in their own country!

It has now been 37 years since Baha’is have been banned from entering universities in their native land; not only have they been deprived of this right but they have also been deprived of other civil rights. Indeed, what kind of response can the Islamic Republic of Iran provide in the face of Divine justice to noble Iranians and to the rest of the world regarding this strange and amazing discrimination?




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  1. vafa-canada

    June 26, 2015 9:19 pm

    The only way to get attention of the Director General of Foreign Student Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education in Iran, is to ban all Iranian students sponsored by the Islamic regime from attending Universities outside of Iran. Unless this happens and the International community stops its hypocrisy, the Baha’i youth of Iran will continue being deprived of the their basic human rights by this brutal regime.


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