A Quiet Genocide

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By Shapour Daneshmand

AQUIETGENOCIDE.COM is a project that evolved out of the mounting concern of alarmed Americans and Iranians appalled by the atrocities committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran against an entire group of people, members of the Bahá’í faith.

Although we, the producers of these series, are not members of the Bahá’í faith, we cannot stand by silently without protest while these people, renowned for their ethics, community spirit and active kindness, are victimized and terrorized and even killed. Therefore, in the spirit of awareness, social justice, human rights and basic decency, we created this online repository for the often chilling stories of the abuses this group has suffered.
On this site, victims of these ongoing human rights abuses, persecution and attacks can make public their testimonies, describing for historical record and global awareness the ordeals they have suffered at this regime’s hand.




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  1. John Butler

    August 10, 2015 8:43 am

    The Bahá’ís of Irán
    © John J. Butler.
    6th Kamal 172 B.E 6th August 2015 C.E.

    Locked away, confined in prison stay.
    Unknowing their fate, with each passing day,
    Deprived of their freedom for the love of their Faith,
    But never forgotten, to fade like a wraith.

    They are Heroes and Heroines, to whom we admire,
    For their love of Bahá’u’lláh, is a Raging Fire,
    “O the Nightingale of Paradise.”¹we pray day and night,
    To give them strength – and be freed from their plight.

    Others were beaten or simply shot dead,
    Education denied or forbidden to earn bread,
    Many homes of Bahá’ís where burnt to the ground,
    But their Faith grows stronger, as we have all found.

    Our history is littered with many a soul,
    Who freedoms and lives those evil men stole
    Such Mulláhs and guards have dug their own tomb,
    For these Iránian leaders will face their own Doom.

    Think they can beat God, what foolishness is this?
    How deluded are these evil ones – short is their bliss.
    Muhammad will refuse them, by turning His back.
    And the eternity of Hell with surround them dark black.

    But the saints of Bahá are drawn to the Light,
    Their brilliance outshining, the sun that so bright,
    For once departed entre they the Crimson Ark
    And hear the Song of Bahá, that Celestial Lark.

    For us who are free, we much teach day and night,
    Spread the Good News with His help and His might,
    For the storm clouds have gathered thick bellowing black,
    Let us arise in their names and to God win souls back.

    So dear friends, confined in Prison stay,
    And you who are persecuted in this special day,
    You are not forgotten, our prayers are for you,
    That together we’ll build, His World Order anew.

    ¹ The Table of Ahmad.


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