Armin Rahmani Denied Access to Continue His Education for the Fifth Time

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Source: BahaiNews1

Translation by Iran Press Watch


According to “BahaiNews” report, Armin Rahmani, a Baha’i citizen of Isfahan, after a successful attempt at the Iranian National University Entrance Exam, is accused of inadequate submission of relevant documentation.

This Baha’i citizen, who participated for the fifth time in the University Entrance Exam, because he is a Baha’i was confronted with the usual accusation, and for the fifth time he was denied access to continued education.

In his Facebook page Armin has written “in none of the stages of registration ‒ exam pass issuance, sitting for the actual exam and releasing the results ‒ there was any indication of inadequate documentation.”

The first Declaration of Universal Human Rights on December, 10th, 1948 stipulates that all human beings irrespective of their race, colour, belief, religion and gender, are equal.

During recent years “lack of proper documention” for Baha’i students, with respect to the continuation of their studies in universities, has been equal to depriving them of further education; it appears the same trend continues this year as well.

Denial of higher education in Iranian universities is based on the declaration of February 25, 1991, approved by the Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council, which in addition to denying Baha’is of employment in government offices, also bars Baha’i students from higher education.

According to the third article of this declaration, not only can Baha’is not register at any university as a student, but in any steps of the process of before and after registration, or even “during the academic year”, if it becomes clear that the applicant is a Baha’i they must be stopped and denied from continuing their education.

After the Islamic Revolution and this declaration of the Revolutionary Cultural Council, Baha’is have been systematically denied any access to higher education.


1. “BahaiNews” is an independent non-Bahá’í initiative and is not affiliated with any Baha’i institutions.


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