I Will Extend My Protests To Mehrvilla!

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Source: www.nurizad.info


Little Aref is ten years old. His father has registered his name at the “Gahvareh Danesh” [Cradle of Knowledge] elementary school in Mehrvilla, Karaj, and has also paid the school fees. Aref went to school for a couple of days, but now Mrs. Eskandary, the principal, refuses to allow him to attend classes because he is a Baha’i. She insists that there is only room in this school for one of them – either she or the Baha’i child. She persists in her demand that the boy be expelled.

I announce that if they do not re-admit the child by Monday, I, and any friends who want to join me, will stand in front of the school in protest. I request all compassionate residents of Mehrvilla and elsewhere to support me as much as possible in this humanitarian effort. We must show some people once and for all that imbeciles have a right to live but they have no right to ruin the lives of others.


Mohammad Nourizad

Tehran, 2 October 2015


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