“Their Progress and Development Are Blocked” — The economic oppression of Iran’s Baha’is

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Source: www.bic.org

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A special report of the Baha’i International Community (October 2015)

Since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the government of Iran has engaged in a broad, systematic persecution of its Baha’i minority. One lesser known aspect of this persecution is the degree to which the government has sought to repress Baha’is economically. This special report examines the economic oppression of Iranian Baha’is, providing case studies, official documents, and statistical data. Since 2007, for example, there have been at least 780 incidents of direct economic persecution against Iranian Baha’is. These include shop closings, dismissals, the actual or threatened revocation of business licenses, and other actions to deprive Baha’is of their livelihood. It also examines the economic effect of Iran’s intense anti-Baha’i campaign in the media and its effort to deprive young Baha’is of access to higher education.

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