“They Not Only Have No Right to Higher Educations, Job Opportunities, Etc., but Even Have No Right to Be Seen”

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Source: Reza Khandan1

Translation by Iran Press Watch


We were used to seeing dear Fariba behind the opaque windows of the visiting hall.  It is exciting to visit her or any other prisoner from this side of the window, and no one would easily be willing to forego such a visit.

Objections made by individuals who still seem to live in the distant past, some of whom have high positions in a number of institutions, have proven the extent to which Baha’is have been deprived of basic rights.

They not only have no right to higher educations, job opportunities, etc., but even have no right to be seen.

This group of protesters must respond to the question of civil rights violations against Baha’is.

They have threatened Mrs. Hashemi and other visitors; have said that they would arrest anyone visiting a Baha’i, and that they would send them to be with those same Baha’is ‒ in prison.


1. Reza Khandan is husband of human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh.


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