Distinguished Former Prisoners Visit with Fariba Kamalabadi

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Source: BahaiNews1

Translation by Iran Press Watch


According to “BahaiNews” report, many eminent figures, as well as human rights activists and former prisoners, had a visit with Fariba Kamalabadi, one of the leaders of the Iranian Baha’i community, yesterday.

According to this report, Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani 2, Nasrin Sotoudeh 3, Masoumeh Dehghan 4 (wife of Abdolfattah Soltani), Mahsa Amrabadi 5, Faran Hesami 6, Reza Khandan 7 (husband of Nasrin Sotoudeh), Jila Baniyaghoob 8, Bahman Ahmadi Amouei 9, Jila Karamzadeh Makvandi 10 and other well-known civil rights activists had a friendly visit with Fariba Kamalabadi. Most of these prominent figures were Fariba Kamalabadi’s prison mates, and many of them have written about Fariba Kamalabadi and Mahvash Sabet, another imprisoned Baha’i leader, on their personal blogs or have spoken about them in the mass media, after their release from prison.

These distinguished figures have visited one of the leaders of the Iranian Baha’i Community at a time when the Islamic Republic of Iran has been trying to display a distorted version of such friendly and human relations between the Baha’i and non-Baha’i citizens at this time, now more than 30 years after the Islamic Revolution.

Fariba Kamalabadi and Mahvash Sabet, another one of the leaders of the Iranian Baha’i community, along with five male leaders of the community, who are in Reja’i Shahr Prison, were sentenced to twenty years at first, which has been lowered to ten years. The majority of these leaders of the Baha’i community of Iran have not had even one day of furlough after a lapse of eight years in prison. Mrs. Fariba Kamalabadi, who had never had a day of fulough before, has been given a five-day furlough while on bail of 200 million tomans ($65,860).


1. “BahaiNews” is an independent non-Bahá’í initiative and is not affiliated with any Baha’i institutions.

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