Baha’i Businessman Arrested with His Daughter in Shiraz, Iran

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Source: bahaitoday


On Saturday, August 27th 2016 agents arrested by raiding into the house of Mr. Nematollah Bangaleh. Through this situation, his daughter- Nazanin Bangaleh- was arrested also. Good in the house were demolished while inspecting in a barbaric way. Computer systems, phones, books and sacred images, etc. were kept in custody. Security agents even opened and took away the seats of his car. Months ago, his wares in customs had been kept away. Mr. Bangaleh is working in field of Glasses.

This is not the first time that Baha’is show progress in economic and business and they have been under attack. In Islamic Republic point of view, a Baha’i citizen is a 3rd degree citizen, so Baha’is haven’t got a chance of high education and being successful in high ranked business. We have observed this for too many times in which Baha’is had shown a progress economically and they were suppressed in material and spiritual conditions.


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