Prisoners in the Women’s Ward of Evin Prison Attended Gathering Hosted by Faezeh Hashemi with Attendance of Bahareh Hedayat and Faran Hesami

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Translation by Iran Press Watch


According to Gold News, Faezeh Hashemi in this get-together hosted some of her fellow inmates from Evin prison.

In this gathering some inmates of the women’s ward of Evin prison, including Bahareh Hedayat, who recently was released after six and a half years, were present.

Another well-known face at this gathering was Mrs. Faran Hesami, a Baha’i citizen.

Mrs. Faran Hesami was a professor at the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education (BIHE), whose husband Kamran Rahimian was arrested in June 2011.  She was arrested on 15 July 2012, when she was following up on her husband’s case at Evin Court, without prior notice and without being allowed to say goodbye to her three year old child; she was sentenced to serve four years in prison, and then transferred to Evin prison.

Finally, on the fifteenth of April of this year, she was released from Evin prison after four years of incarceration.

In May of this year, Faezeh Hashemi went to visit her fellow inmate Mrs. Fariba Kamalabadi1, who also hosted Mrs. Faran Hesami as a guest at her house.


1. A description and photo of this visit can be found in the respected UK newspaper The Guardian from that time, describing also the political firestorm which was ignited in Iran as a result:



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