Search and Arrest of Four Baha’is in Zahedan

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Source: BahaiNews1

26 November at 9:53

Translation by Iran Press Watch


According to Baha’i News, four Baha’i residents of Zahedan ‒ Siyawash Rahimi, Baharam Rowhani, Mehrnoosh Ramezani and Hyda Yazdan ‒ have been arrested by agents of the Office of Information and taken to an unknown location.

Based on the same news source yesterday and today, 26 Nov 2016, these four Baha’i citizens were arrested and their residences have been thoroughly searched.

A reliable source informed a reporter from Baha’i News: “Last night, before taking Baharam Rowhani away, they searched his house as well as his workplace. Then they seized his personal belongings, including books, CDs, cassette tapes and mobile phone, among other things. The next morning, after searching their houses for a few hours, they arrested Mehrnoosh Ramezani, Hyda Yazdan and Siyawash Rahimi.”

Earlier, on 6 Nov, security officers arrested Tabassom Hosseini, Emilia Hakimiyan and Fashid Dadvar in the same city. Tabassom Hosseini, the 19-year-old daughter of Emilia Hakimiyan, was released after 16 days.

Hyda Yazdan is the wife of Farshid Dadvar, who is already in the reprimand center.

Based on news received in recent months, many Baha’i citizens have been arrested and interrogated by security agents of the Ministry of Information solely because of their belief in their religion. In previous years there have been more arrests of Baha’is in other provinces of the country. Based on statements from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Baha’i’s have all their rights as citizens. But after the revolution they have actually been deprived of every right, including education and employment in government bodies.


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