Fariba Ashtari Released from Yazd Prison, After Serving a Two-Year Sentence

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Source: BahaiNews1

Translation by Iran Press Watch


Based on a report by BahaiNews, Fariba Ashtari, a Bahá’í citizen residing in Yazd, has been released from Yazd Prison, after serving her sentence.

According to BahaiNews, this Bahá’í citizen served her prison term in similar conditions to her husband, Naser Bagheri and their son, Faez Bagheri who were incarcerated in this same prison.

In a previous conversation with the BahaiNews reporter, one of the family members of this Bahá’í citizen had said: “My mother, Mrs. Fariba Ashtari was an active member of the Bahá’í community. She was a psychologist and was arrested approximately three years ago. After one month, my mother was released from prison on a 60-million Tuman bail. Approximately, a year ago, the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence came to the house for a second time, started inspecting the house and took some items, as they always do. Charged with “acting against national security” and “propaganda against the Regime”, in February 2013 the court sentenced my mother to three-years imprisonment, one-year of which is suspended. My mother, reported to Yazd Prison to serve her sentence. Approximately, eight days after my mother’s arrest, the Ministry of Intelligence agents came to our home again, and arrested my father and brother, Mr. Faez Bagheri and Mr. Naser Bagheri.”

After her arrest, Mrs. Ashtari was held in the public ward of the prison, and was able to take a leave only once during the past two years.


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