Bahai-Owned Businesses Shut down and Confiscated in Semnan on Account of Being Najis

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Source: Shirdel Firouzian’s facebook post

Translation by Iran Press Watch

Once, these companies were very active in Semnan. Suddenly, they closed all of these companies and we were ordered to stop working. because the milk, meat, and agricultural products, which we produced (Baha’i-owned Farms) were unclean (Najis)1 according to the government of the Islamic Republic.

The Iman of Semnan asked us to come to his office one day. When we arrived, he said that we had made the whole town unclean (Najis) with our milk distribution. This kind of thinking from the clergy, their excuses and the charges against the Baha’is led to the closure of our companies. These companies belong to Edalat Firouzian, Shahram Firouzian and myself, Shirdel Firouzian. After the closure of the companies, the Islamic Republic confiscated them all.


  1. In Islamic law, Najis are things or persons regarded ritually as unclean, see

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