Shaheen Rezaie Writes to Her Husband on the Ninth Anniversary of His Imprisonment

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

HARNA News – Saeid Rezaie, one of the former members of the seven-management committee of the Baha’i community of Iran, currently incarcerated in Rejai-Shahr of Karaj, is commencing the tenth year of the sentence without having any respite. Despite his doctor’s suggestion that Mr. Rezaie be allowed respite for recovery and rest following his surgery, the authorities of the prison refused his request.

Counting nine years of imprisonment, from the first day when Mr. Rezaie was taken away, Shaheen Rezaie, the wife of this prisoner of conscience, has used this occasion to write an open letter to him. She expresses hope that he and others enduring a similar fate will finally acquire their freedom.

A copy of the text of her letter is offered to HARNA for publication, which can be read as follows:

Earnestly contemplate,

As why you were born into the world,

Enthusiastically, then, strive to realize it,


As the higher, the persuasion,


Confidently with your treasures will overflow the same world,

With exuberance!

My always loving Saeid,

Nine years has passed. The years that you and your faithful friends, far from home and family with a constructive steadfastness have spent the time in the prison of ignorance, atrocities and prejudices. Meanwhile, we all know that justice and freedom is the definite birthright of every individual to be enjoyed upon.

Although you have been deprived of your basic human rights and for all these years you, your family along with the community have passed through unbelievable adversaries, dealing with all these antagonisms have made us all stronger, mightier and more capable.

Those who are optimistically looking for a bright future, they see that future filled with gaiety, joy, growth, progress, and inclusiveness of our fellowmen’s taught love, unity and sympathy. Hence, those human beings achieving that future will think well, work harder and eagerly put more efforts and display amity.

I quote a passage written by a great man, which states:

“Sometimes people come across unpleasant incidences for the only reason of trying harder to overcome them and to realize how much their existence is worth much more.”

We always experience all these unjust incidences undeservedly but try our best to forge forward and not stop our efforts until success has been achieved. We have learnt together that the meaning of life is what we have offered to life and I also presume that we have previously tasted the flavor of our success as well.

We have understood that life is a gift and a short span of time for us to grow, to look for, to think and glance at its beautiful features. Therefore, these are the issues giving impetus to our lives to move forward.

We are happy deep in heart with the knowledge, sympathy and vision of our beloved county fellowmen. We wish that to have a world full of joy, peace, serenity and happiness free from any traces of prejudice and hatred. In this, I earnestly pray to have a share of all these beautiful feelings with you and your fellow prisoners.

With a great hope for your freedom and all those who are incarcerated in this sacred land, I am waiting!

I am always close to you and patiently waiting for your return


April 2017

Your wife,


It is of note that Saeid Rezaie is one of the seven leaders of the Baha’i Faith (the Yaran) who on 14th May, 2008 along with another five colleagues of the committee were arrested in their houses by security agents and transferred to Evin prison. Those arrested with Mr. Rezaie are Fariba Kamalabadi, Jamaloddin Khanjani, Afif Naeimi, Behrooz Tavakoli and Vahid Tizfaham. Another of the Yaran, Mahvash Sabet, had been arrested three months before, during the month of February 2008

Prosecutor General of the Office of Security announced the conviction of these seven individuals. They were initially sentenced to twenty years imprisonment, which was subsequently commuted to ten years.

After sentencing, Mr. Rezaie was transferred to Rejai-Shahr prison and for six months stayed in Hall Six, a criminal ward, and thereafter was transferred to Hall Four as a political prisoner.



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