Bahá’í Cemetery in Kerman Sealed Days Before Naw-Ruz

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Bahai Kerman

According to a report by the “No to Harassment and Imprisonment of Bahá’í Compatriots Campaign”, the Bahá’í cemetery of Kerman (known as the Eternal Garden), has been sealed.  No specific reason has been provided by authorities, only vague excuses, including non-specific references to the Islamic Republic’s Penal and Health Code.

According to this report, a few Bahá’í citizens became aware that the cemetery had been sealed when they came to visit the Eternal Garden on the morning of 16 March 2018.

Following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, many Bahá’í citizens have been faced with government oppression and violation of their civil rights. This has included sealing of shops to prevent owners from engaging in their livelihood, unmerited expulsion of Baha’i university students, destruction of cemeteries, and group arrests, which has been gradually increasing in recent years.


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