Isfahan City Council Member Barred From Meetings For Six Months

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Mehdi Moqaderi, a member of Isfahan City Council.

A member of Isfahan’s city council in Iran has been barred from attending council meetings for six months, for a social media comment he posted in support of a defender of the embattled Baha’i community.

Mehdi Moghaddari published a comment on Instagram last September to voice support for two people in the city of Shiraz who had been arrested for questioning the detention of Baha’is.

One of these people, Mehdi Hajati was a member of Shiraz city council and the other a religious scholar.

Hajati had tweeted last September saying, “In the past ten days I have knocked on many doors to get two Baha’i friends released from detention, without success. As long as we face foreign enemies, our generation has a duty to reform the judicial and other procedures that endanger social justice”

Moghaddari had supported Hajati at the time and was called by Iran’s Judiciary to defend his action. The court on April 10 decided to bar him from attending city council meetings for six months. He will remain under the “supervision” of the court during this time.


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