Trying to Shut Down Baha’i Elder Care Center in Golshahr, Karaj

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

HRANA News Agency – Karaj Office of Public Places administration officials, by appearing in one of the Elder Care Centers that belongs to Baha’is, have been trying to remove seniors and residents of the area and to seal the location. Giti Charkhi Zarrin (Khollas), a Baha’i citizen and director of the complex, was also summoned to the Alborz Provincial Prosecutor’s Office on Sunday.

According to the HRANA, the human rights activists News Agency in Iran, today, Thursday, June 27, 2019, Karaj Provincial Police Officers appeared at one of the Elder Care Centers in Golshahr, Karaj owned by Baha’is and tried to close the business.

It is said that the site, which has been working to care for the elderly and people with disabilities for the past twenty years, while receiving the official approval of the  Office of Welfare, has been denied continuation of the service license in recent years because of its officers’ belief in the Baha’i Faith.

An informed source told the HRANA Reporter, “For the past year, on several occasions, Office of Public Places administration officials has been trying to close this unit; their effort today to close the home is much more severe than in the past. They were trying to remove the elderly and disabled Baha’is from the building and leave them in the street, so they could close the premises, according to the Karaj prosecutor’s office. Eventually, because the disabled elderly and the staff refused to leave, they were temporarily prevented from closing the center.”

Following this action, Giti Charkhi Zarrin (Khollas), a Baha’i and director of the complex, was summoned to the Alborz Provincial Prosecutor’s Office on Sunday.

According to this source, a person who has introduced himself as a parliamentary representative, by coming to this complex, as well as government agencies in Karaj, has been closely following the closure of this nursing home owned by Baha’is in the past year.

The ban on the economic activity of Baha’is in Iran continues, while under Article 77 of the Citizen’s Rights Charter, “it is the right of citizens to freely and without discrimination and by the law, choose and apply to the profession they are willing to pursue. No one can deny this right to citizens for reasons of ethnicity, religion, gender, or disagreement in political or social orientations. ”

Sealing Baha’i-owned workplaces in Iran continues while Shahindokht Molaverdi, a special assistant to the president on civil rights issues, told the media on December 3, 2018, that “regarding the closure of commercial premises and the prevention of Baha’is activities (economic), inquiries have been made from the President’s Legal Advisor, and we are moving this discussion through juridical to find a solution to the issue.”


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