Persecution of Baha’is in Iran increases

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Iranian authorities have escalated persecution of the Baha’i community, targeting at least 77 individuals across the country in recent weeks, despite a second wave of coronavirus infections, according to a global organisation representing the faith.

At least 77 Baha’is across eight Iranian provinces have been arrested, summoned to court, tried, sentenced and imprisoned in the past month “under baseless accusations and for no rea- son other than a deep-seated antagonism to the Baha’i faith”, the Baha’i International Community said.

The Baha’i faith, which was originally founded in Iran, is seen as heretical by the Islamic Republic. Baha’i shops and cemeteries have been vandalised, and some of its followers blocked from universities and jobs.

“Baha’is are used to persecution, however, this is almost unprecedented numbers in the matter of a month,” Bani Dugal, principal representative to the UN for the BIC, told reporters.

While dozens of religious and political groups have been hurt by the Islamic Republic’s 41year rule of Iran, the Baha’is are widely considered to be one of the most persecuted.


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  1. Brooks Garis

    July 26, 2020 12:49 pm

    All these innocent Baha’is were offered freedom if only they would say they weren’t Baha’is. And yet they accept to go to prison. All these Baha’is were offered an easy life if only they would say they weren’t Baha’is. What could be better than freedom and an easy life? Instead, all have accepted suffering over an easy life. Is it because Baha’is want to suffer? No. They bring to the court every evidence of their innocence. They never speak against their country or their judges or their jailers. They obey the law while their families plead to the authorities for their release. By this, it is easy to see that these Baha’is are forced by the court to suffer for their religion. From the beginning of time, accepting to suffer has been the hallmark of truth. Every religious book tells this same story and promises the return of the holy people who will accept to suffer for truth. Those who were promised, the ones who accept to suffer, have proved themselves to be the true ones in the ancient land of Persia. These courageous Baha’is are truly the pride of Iran, and Iran should honor and protect these noble Baha’is.


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