A Note from the Editorial Board on “Comments”

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Iran Press Watch deeply appreciates the thousands of visitors from across the globe who visit this site every day.  These visitors include many governmental officials, diplomats, human rights organizations, journalists, media representatives, members of Baha’i institutions, and interested individuals.  Iran Press Watch has emerged as the clearinghouse for all information, analysis and commentary regarding the situation of the beleaguered Baha’i community in Iran.

As clearly stated on the site, Iran Press Watch is not associated with any Baha’i institution, and is an independent research and news organ.

Because of the site’s international visibility and stature, the Editorial Board would like to request that comments posted on the site reflect the site’s standing.  As such, we request that readers kindly refrain from posting lengthy extracts from the Baha’i writings or sharing comments that may represent one’s immediate emotional reaction.  In other words, when posting comments kindly recognize that people from the across the globe will be reading it, including people from various governmental, media and diplomatic offices.

At the same time, the Board also wishes to take this opportunity to express its stance encouraging commentators to maintain the highest respect for Islam and for the person and station of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as for all other major religious faiths of the world.  It also encourages respect for all governments of the world, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the legitimate performance of their duties.  It reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments.

Having said this, Iran Press Watch also recognizes that it serves as an outlet for expressions of a world confronted with daily news and analysis of harm and persecution visited upon the innocent Baha’is of Iran, and as such very much welcomes its readers’ reactions.

With gratitude,

The Editorial Board.