Iran Security Agents Arrest 13 Members Of Banned Baha’i Faith

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Iranian security agents have arrested 13 members of the banned Baha’i faith in Baharestan township in Esfahan on Sunday, searching their homes and confiscating personal belonging, the Human Rights Activists News Agency, HRANA based abroad reported.

Agents confiscated laptop computers, cell phones, books and family photos from homes and from the detained individuals.

In one case, HRANA has specific information that 16 agents detained Samira Shakib, as she was leaving her home early in the morning, acting with force to push her into an unmarked car. They then entered her home and harshly treated other members of the family, confiscating their personal items. Agents also punched Sina Shakib when he objected to the behavior of the agents.

Around the same time, from 6-7 am, other agents raided the homes of 11 more Baha’i and arrested them. The detainees have been taken to unknown locations.

The Islamic Republic has persecuted members of the Baha’i religious minority since the 1979 Revolution. Hundreds have spent long prison terms, fired from their jobs and students banned from university education. International human rights organizations have repeatedly condemned the persecutions, along with other gross violations by the Iranian government.


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  1. Brooks Garis

    April 25, 2021 8:04 pm

    For the past 178 years, Iran’s civil and clerical authorities have pretended Baha’i’s are a threat, though their investigators have always known the Baha’i Faith commands it’s adherents to abstain from politics and to flee any taint of mischief or subterfuge. Iran’s investigators have always known Baha’i are required to be of service to their nation and obedient to their government. Baha’is the world over, whether their background is Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Zoroastrian faiths know that Baha’u’llah taught us to accept the station of Muhammad and revere the Koran as God’s holy book. Baha’is are champion defenders of Islam and it’s teachings. This is a teaching of Baha’u’llah, and, of course, the security services know that Baha’is would rather die than be disobedient to their faith. Everything that is known about Iran’s Bahai’s exonerates them fully from everything they’re accused of. Let us hope the Iranian regime will put aside this fruitless and embarrassing campaign, release all it’s Baha’i prisoners and join the world’s governments, and the Baha’is too, in addressing the pressing issues of the day that afflict humanity.


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