Security Agents Raid Home of Detained Baha’i’s Mother

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More than a month after the arrest of Arsalan Yazdani, a Baha’i citizen of Tehran, his family has still received no information about the charges or where he is being held. But IranWire understands that on Thursday, September 30, security agents also raided the home of his mother, Saeedeh Khozouei. They confiscated personal items including laptops, mobile phones and photos, and issued her with a summons to Evin Prison Martyrs’ Court on Tuesday, October 5 for “some explanations”.

Officers also attended the home of Iraj Shakur, another Iranian Baha’i living in Tehran, on the same Thursday and confiscated many of his personal belongings including religious items. He was summoned to the Shahid Moghaddas Court on Tuesdahy, October 5. It is not clear whether the raids were being linked by police.

Arsalan Yazdani was taken away to an unknown location after security agents descended on his home on September 1, leaving his family deeply worried. It comes at the same time as a fresh wave of arrests of Baha’is across Iran, with an apparent focus on detaining multiple members of the same family.


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