The Arrest of Hoshidar Zarei, Well-Known Judo Expert of the City of Shiraz and a Baha’i Citizen

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

According to “Iranwire”, at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday 30 April 2023, Hoshidar Zarei, the former champion and well-known Judo trainer of the Fars Province, was intercepted by 30 plain clothes agents in multiple cars with tinted windows while on his way to work. He was taken into custody by the agents without any explanation.

These agents escorted Mr. Zarei to his house, where they performed a search. Agents confiscated personal items of Mr. Zarei, including two mobile phones, an iPad, a photo frame, a laptop and books.  In addition to Mr. Zarei’s personal belongings, a phone and a laptop belonging to his 12-year-old daughter, used for her school projects, were also confiscated by the agents. They left with Mr. Zarei still in their custody.

Later that day, Mr. Zarei was allowed to call home and inform his family that he was in the Shiraz Intelligence Office known as “Number One Hundred”.

On Monday, May 1, 2023, Mr. Zarei’s family checked in with various judicial authorities and found out that Mr. Zarei’s case is under the supervision of Investigator “Khosravani”.

According to what Iranwire has learned, after reaching out to Khosravani, he refused to answer any questions on the charges and said that “if we tell you what the accusation is, you will announce it on the Internet and foreign TVs, that’s why we won’t tell you what the charges are.”

Mr. Zarei’s athletic resume includes the vice-championship at the National level and the coaching of youth and adult teams of Fars Province.


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