Detained Baha’i Mother Remains Missing 24 Days After Arrest

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Over 24 days after the arrest of Iren Rahmani, a Baha’i citizen and mother of two, her family still has no information on her whereabouts or the charges against her.

Her family, particularly her two young children, aged 2 and 4, are struggling to cope with her absence and the uncertainty surrounding her situation, according to a source who spoke with IranWire. 

Rahmani was arrested on November 7, when security forces raided the home of Babak Zeinali in Karaj, detaining 10 Baha’i citizens. Among those detained Iren Rahmani and her husband Eman Ehsani. 

Agents later accompanied the couple to their home, searched their property, and then took both of them to an undisclosed location.

On November 25, Eman Ehsani and three other detainees were released on bail. 

Iran Rahmani’s family is concerned about her well-being and the lack of transparency surrounding her arrest and detention. 

They have been able to contact her only twice since she was taken away, and these brief interactions have left them with more questions than clarity, according to the source. 

Baha’is are routinely denied their fundamental rights to freedom of religion or belief. They face systematic persecution in all areas of life, including arbitrary arrests and imprisonments, home searches and property confiscations, access to education and livelihoods, as well as official hate speech in Iranian media, and even the right to proper burials.


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