Baha’i Homes Raided in Tabriz

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In a coordinated operation on January 9, agents of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence raided the homes of several Baha’i families in Tabriz, marking a fresh escalation in the government’s pressure campaign against the religious minority.

IranWire obtained a report detailing the raids, which targeted at least six Baha’i households.

Agents confiscated religious texts, photos, and personal belongings, including computers and mobile phones. 

No official charges or justification for the searches were provided, and the families were reportedly threatened. 

While no arrests or summonses occurred in Tabriz, this incident appears to be part of a larger pattern of nationwide raids against Baha’i communities seen in recent months. 

Similar coordinated searches and confiscations of Baha’i belongings have been reported in cities such as Yazd, Hamedan, Isfahan, and Qaimshahr.


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