Baha’i Home in Iran Raided by Intelligence Agents

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Fifteen agents from the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence raided the home of a Baha’i man, Babak Zamani, in the northern city of Qaimshahr on the morning of February 12, IranWire reports. 

The agents had a search warrant in the name of Zamani’s wife, Maryam Zabihi, 

Witnesses reported that the agents behaved aggressively toward Zabihi, while her son, Bahamin Zamani, was met with severe beatings.

The Ministry of Intelligence agents confiscated all electronic and educational devices belonging to Bahamin Zamani and four of his guests, including tablets, laptops and textbooks.

They also summoned Zabihi and three other individuals present for questioning on February 18.

The agents also accompanied one of the guests, Banafeshe Asadian, to her home, entered without a warrant and confiscated some of her belongings.


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