Anisa Fanaian, a Baha’i Citizen, Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Radio Farda has learned that the Semnan Revolutionary Court has sentenced Anisa Fanaian, a Baha’i citizen, to 16 years in prison.

Informed sources have informed Radio Farda that in the sentence handed down to this Baha’i citizen on Sunday, March 10, she was also deprived of social rights for 15 years, banned from membership in any political and social party and group for two years, and was sentenced to pay a fine and confiscation of property.

The first branch of the Semnan Revolutionary Court, headed by Ali Isari, has charged Anisa Fanaian with “forming a group with the aim of disrupting the country’s security”, “educational and propaganda activity”, and “propaganda against the regime”.

These charges were brought against Ms. Fanaian by security forces, while her relatives say the main reason for the sentence is her activities in support of underprivileged and deprived children.

Ms. Fanaian was arrested by the security forces in Semnan at the end of August this year and released on bail in the middle of September.

This Baha’i citizen and her husband have a history of security encounters and judicial convictions due to their religious beliefs.

The pressure of security and judicial institutions on Baha’i citizens in different cities of Iran continues unabated.

In this context, Shirin Kathiri, Fares Fanaian, and Homan Taef, Baha’i citizens living in Qaimshahr, have been summoned to the second branch of the Sari Revolutionary Court.

The Islamic Republic does not recognize the Baha’i faith, and judicial authorities have repeatedly labeled Baha’is as “spies and enemies,” issuing death sentences, arrests, prisons, and depriving them of education and business opportunities.


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