Roya Sabet’s Life ‘Is in Danger in Prison’

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Roya Sabet, who resides in the United Arab Emirates, was arrested on February 15 of last year after being summoned by the IRGC Intelligence in Shiraz. A source close to Roya Sabet, a Baha’i citizen, says that this prisoner’s life in Iran is in danger, and during a phone call on Sunday, ‘in the presence of agents, she said her condition is very critical.’

This informed source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Radio Farda on Monday, July 8, that Ms. Sabet’s blood pressure ‘has reached 18 and she is still in custody in limbo.’

Roya Sabet, who lives in the United Arab Emirates and had traveled to Iran, was arrested on February 15 of this year after being summoned by the IRGC Intelligence in Shiraz.

Two days prior, IRGC Intelligence agents had entered the home of this Baha’i citizen’s parents and confiscated all her personal belongings and documents.

The charges against this Baha’i citizen have not been announced, but Mohammad Ali Rouhanioon, Ms. Sabet’s husband, says her arrest is unrelated to political issues and she was detained only ‘because of her belief in the Baha’i faith.’

According to him, Ms. Sabet had traveled to Shiraz to take care of her parents who have Alzheimer’s.

The Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize the Baha’i Faith and judicial authorities have repeatedly called Baha’is ‘spies and enemies’ and have issued sentences of execution, arrest, imprisonment, and deprivation of education and employment against them.

The crackdown on followers of this faith has intensified since the nationwide protests in 2022.


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