Open Letter from Farbod Eshraghi, Baha'i Student

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The following is a letter by a Baha’i student by the name of Farbod Eshraghi who was expelled from college because of his religion.  Human Rights Activists in Iran has collected this letter with many other letters and documents in an effort to restore the right of the Iranian Baha’is to seek higher education in their homeland.

To all the people of the world:

In the name of God, the creator of all prophets, who were sent to create progress and advancement in the World.

My name is Farbod Eshraghi.  I am an expelled student of Mohajer School of Engineering of Isfahan.  I took the college entrance exam in 2004 after the religion requirement was dropped from the exam applications.  My rank in the exam was 141 and I got admitted to the college of my first choice, Mohajer School of Engineering.  On September 20, 2004 I went to the college to register for school.  On the registration form under the religion column I entered “BAHA’I”.

After completing the registration process several college officials told me that I could start my classes on September 25 and I did.  In November someone at the Student Affairs sent for me and asked me my name, my father’s name and my religion.  Afterwards he assured me that I could continue my classes.  But on the third of January 2005, two days before the finals, I was summoned to the Office of Protection and was given the same form that I had filled out on the registration day. I filled out the form exactly as I had done before with the word “BAHA’I” under the religion column.  This time the official told me that “The laws of the Islamic Republic do not allow a Baha’i to go to college”. He then crossed off my name from the rolls.

I have no wish but to serve my beloved Iran and her people. I was so excited when I got admitted to college because I felt with higher education I could serve my country better.  But now I am expelled from college because of my religion.  This is the fate of all Baha’i youth in Iran.  I long for the day that religion is not the cause and excuse for enmity.

In the name of the Benefactor,
Farbod Eshraghi



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  1. sb

    June 2, 2009 11:35 am

    The Republic of Iran ratified a covenant which states its obligation to uphold the right to education. Withholding education to Bahá’ís is part of a 30-year-long systematic effort orchestrated by the Iranian government to undermine the Bahá’í community there. More and more people across the globe watch this situation in shock and disbelief.

    For most nations the struggle lies with INCREASING educational opportunities, not DECREASING them.

    Mr. Eshraghi excelled in his prepatory studies and was ready to achieve. Who loses here? Lifelong pursuit of knowledge is a basic principle of the Bahá’í Faith. Mr. Eshraghi will continue to learn. Will the government of Iran learn from its errors? Surely it is common sense to question the health of a nation that purposely denies itself the resource of educated citizens.


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