Education Rights Committee attends election campaign in Sari

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The Committee on the Right to Education of the Human Rights Activists in Iran Association attended Mr. Karoubi’s campaign stop in the city of Sari to make use of the election environment as a venue for furthering the cause of students whose right to education has been denied.

The Committee members carried signs that read “Education for All” and “Restore the Rights of Baha’i Students to Education” to express their objectives.

It is noteworthy that the audience applauded this effort and warmly received the Committee members. Despite a few staggered opposing individuals, the overall support was overwhelming. This event was held on Monday June 1, 2009.

The topic of the Right to Education was addressed with Mr. Karoubi and the Committee members in a closed door session after his speech. However, Mr. Karoubi deferred a definitive position on this matter to a more opportune time and place



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