Baha’is of Semnan Prevented to Bury their Dead


The Persian site of the Baha’i International Community reported on June 4, 2009, the following which appears in translation:

Mrs. Maryam Shiraliyan (Subhani), a Baha’i of Semnan, passed away on May 20, 2009.  However, governmental authorities refused to issue a burial certificate and informed her family that would only do so if the family consents that the deceased by buried under Islamic headstone in the Baha’i cemetery.

The family of Mrs. Shiraliyan refused this demand.

After several appeals to the office of the Governor of Semnan, two days later a burial certificate was issued on May 22.

The following video may interest those following developments in Semnan:

[Source:  Translation by Iran Press Watch.]


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  1. Glenn Franco Simmons

    June 8, 2009 7:04 pm

    I will say a prayer for Mrs. Shiraliyan and her family, as well for the person or persons who issued the burial certificate, which was the humane thing to do.

  2. Ali

    June 9, 2009 12:14 am

    Stay true to your principals and as it says in your writings remain firm even if all the heavens and the earth arise against you. If Aya Khamanei wants to turn Semnan into Karbala let it be. God is with you, the King of Glory is with you and all the Prophets, Imams and angels are on your side. Imam Hosayn is with you! Let Aya Khamanei’s swords rain. Nothing Khamaneis of the world do can defeat your Cause.


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