Iran Commences Post Election Violence Trial


News concerning inclusion of Baha’is in upcoming trials of protesters continues to be vague and unconfirmed.  The following reports hint at inclusion of Baha’is in these trials, but Iran Press Watch is not aware of further details.

In the first report, reports:  “IRNA said that people who had connection with the Mujahedeen-e Khalq, a dissident group of Iranian exiles, and members of the Bahai faith were included in the suspect list.”  Read full article

Ramtin_TofighIn the second report, Iran Press News reports (in translation):   “Mr. Ramtin Tufiq-Qazvini, the son of Mansur who is a Baha’i, has disturbed public order via riots and unusual behavior through his presence in illegal gatherings that have led to fear and panic in the society.”  Read Article in Persian

Early pictures of the ongoing trial is provided here.


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  1. Ali

    August 1, 2009 3:59 pm

    Listening to the honourable deputy of Mr. Dorri Najafabadi recount crimes of all the accused gathered under one roof, the court room came to a stand still when the above named person’s crime was read. Basically crossing the street to buy bread perhaps then getting arrested by Basijis. As opposed to all other arestees, had on him no camera, no fire arms, no knives or swords, no grenades, no stones, not even a match. His crime is being on the street. Of course as the honourable deputy of Mr. Dorri Najafabadi said, he is a Baha’i. So I wondered why Mr. Dorri Najafabadi neglected to tell his deputy to specify what the religion of all the other accused were? Islamic justice calls for being equal toward everyone. This shows this court is not impartial. Stay tuned to the soap opera as the court has prepared the rope for Mr. Karroubi, Moussavi and all others…

  2. Ali

    August 1, 2009 4:35 pm

    Also as opposed to others who according to our dear prosecutor had criminal records some going back many years, the accused, Mr. Ramtin Tufiq-Qazvini had no criminal records. The prosecutor also said the arrestees had connection with MKO and Baha’is. I wonder how the hornourable prosecutor groups the MKO who are the known avowed enemies of Baha’is and participated in the mass arrests and killings of your members in Iran until Imam Khomaini crushed them and you Baha’is in one sentence. Digeh aadam az in harfe dadsetaan shakh dar miyare.


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