Baha’i Imprisoned in Hamadan

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On Saturday, August 22, 2009, Khabar Navard shared the following news, which appears below in translation:

In continuation of widespread arrests of Baha’is throughout Iran, Mrs. Mehrangiz Husayni was arrested in Hamadan.  According to a court order issued on October 24, 2008, she was sentenced to a year incarceration and on August 16, 2009, was arrested by the security agents and conducted to prison to start her sentence.

The authorities have stated that the charge against her is, “propagation of the Baha’i Faith”.

It should be noted that Iran claims freedom of expression for its citizens, but people are not at liberty to express their convictions.  What is being charged by authorities against the Baha’is as “propaganda against the regime” is in reality free expression of beliefs and convictions, which Baha’is carry out despite the high cost of imprisonments, fines, and large property or cash bails.

[Source: Khabar Navard.  Translation by Iran Press Watch.]


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