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The following updates were provided by the Persian page of Baha’i World News Service on September 22, 2009, and appear below in translation:

Babol (bwns1)

  • Mr. Moshfeq Samandari, who was arrested on April 14, 2009, on charges of “propaganda against the regime” and “teaching the Baha’i Faith”, and was released on June 28 on bail and surety, was sentences to 6 months imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 tumans (equivalent to US$500); (see, ipw1)

Mahforuzk (near Sari) (bwns2)

  • Mrs. Vesal Yusufi, who was released from incarceration on September 9, 2009, was fined a sum of 300,000 tumans (equivalent to US$300).

Sari (bwns3bwns4, and bwns5)

  • Mr. Anvar Moslemi, who was released from imprisonment on September 9, 2009, was fined a sum of 300,000 tumans (equivalent to US$300).
  • Mr. Adel Samimi and his wife, Mrs. Shirin Furughian, each were sentenced to a fine of 300,000 tumans (equivalent to US$300).
  • Mrs. Didar Hashemi, who was released from prison on September 9, 2009, was given a bail of 70 million tumans (equivalent to US$70,000).

Semnan (bwns6 and bwns7)

  • Mrs. Susan Tebyanian[-Jabbari], who was released from incarceration on September 2, 2009, received a letter dated August 30, 2009, from Textile Union in Semnan in which she was informed that her work permit is revoked.  The letter indicates that this action was based on instructions received from the Department of Public Works dated August 15 to the Textile Union asking them to revoke her work permit because of her lack of qualifications.  This letter is signed by the head of the Union and Mrs. Tebyanian was asked to return her license.  She has been warned that any attempt to circumvent this matter will result in legal proceedings against her.  Mrs. Tebyanian has appealed the court ruling against her.
  • Mr. Behnam Mutearefi has appealed the court sentence of 18-months imprisonment.

Yasuj (bwns8)

  • The 5-day medical leave granted to Mrs. Ruhiyyih Yazdani (Bagha’i), which commenced on Septemeber 5, 2009, was extended another 6 days.  Mrs. Yazdani is undergoing medical treatments.

Yazd (bwns9)

  • Mr. Mehran Bandi was granted a temporary leave from prison for 10 days starting September 13, 2009.  After various medical examinations, the family of Mr. Bandi was advised that he will no longer be able to physically endure incarceration.  However, the prosecutor assigned to this case refused to accept this physician’s advice.

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