Baha'i Arrested by Security Forces in Yasuj

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According to HRANA [Human Rights Activists News Agency], based on reports from the Baha’i Committee of Human Rights Activists in Iran, at around 11 AM on the 9th of Aban, 1388 [Oct. 31, 2009] officers of the Intelligence Office of Yasuj arrived at the home of Mr. Ali Bakhsh-Bazr-Afkan, a resident of Yasuj, presented a search warrant, and seized all his personal belongings. Afterward, the officers, accompanied by Mr. Ali Bakhsh-Bazr-Afkan, arrived at the home of his son, Mr. Arman Bazr-Afkan, conducted a similar search of his residence and confiscated all of his religious books.

At the conclusion of the searches, which lasted about two hours, the officers arrested Mr. Ali Bakhsh-Bazr-Afkan, and according to the received reports, he is still in custody.

It is important to note that Mr. Ali Bakhsh-Bazr-Afkan was previously a member of the informal local administrative committee of the Baha’is of Yasuj which, during last Esfand [Feb-Mar 2009], was shut down at the order of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, after which he has never held any responsibility in the Baha’i community of Yasuj.

[Source:; Translated by Iran Press Watch]


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  1. Brooks

    November 3, 2009 8:49 am

    The darkness is gone and while oppression continues for a while, the names of the victims are known to the world, and we are praying for them -and for their oppressors as well.


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