Two Baha'is Arrested in Mashhad

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Two Baha’is were arrested by Security Forces agents in Mashhad and have been detained at an unknown location.

According to HRANA [Human Rights Activists News Agency], the Baha’i Committee of Human Rights Activists in Iran, around 8:00 PM on Monday, 11 of Aban [November 2, 2009], a number of agents of the Security Office of Mashhad raided a private Baha’i meeting in Mashhad. The agents instructed the people present to carry on with their meeting while the agents took video of the program and the attendees.

As the meeting concluded, the agents searched the house. Eventually they produced a court order to arrest Ms. Sonia Ahmadi. As she was not present, the security agents proceeded to her home, searched her house, arrested her, and detained her at an undisclosed location. Sources confirm that Mr. Ghanavatian, who attended that meeting, was arrested on the same date in Mashhad.

[Source:; Translated by Iran Press Watch]


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